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There are now three books in this series - the other two are:

"Extraterrestrials: They are here. Now. It is time to talk about them - and to them."

It has its own website - www.extraterrestrials-thebook.com.

Last year (2016), "Reincarnation and Karma" was published. It also has its own website - www.reincarnationandkarma.com.

In 2016 I spoke again at the Exeter NH UFO Festival on recent revelations about ETs and what is going on in our world and our galaxy.

Recent activity (2013 - 2017) has consisted of participating in and often hosting, a local (NH) CE-5 group which meets monthly to discuss events relating to ET contact, and to reach out to any of our visitors who are open to connecting with us. We also spend time observing the night sky for any anomalous objects.

In August 2012 I spoke and shared my experiences at Marco Island below, at the Exeter NH UFO Festival, which is a yearly event.

In June 2012 I attended another training at Marco Island, FL. This was a more profound experience for me than the previous one in that three distinct and personal things happened, which confirmed for me that ET contact is a personal and subjective thing. It is not scientific and reproducible as in, "do the following things and ETs and their craft will show up and you can kick the tires and go inside and socialize". Nor is it so that everyone who is present will see and experience the same things.

In July 2011 I went to a weekend seminar by David Wilcock, who I regard as one of the leading teachers and researchers of our time. Fascinating and powerful. His new book "The Source Field Investigations" is just out and highly recommended.

In March 2011 I attended a training at Marco Island, Florida, put on by CSETI, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and hosted by Dr. Steven Greer, the founder of CSETI. This was very powerful and the training was about how to invite ET beings to make contact, in other words to bring about a CE-5, a Close Encounter of the 5th Kind. (Remember the movie, "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind"?) The 5th kind is where the contact is initiated by us. We had some dramatic experiences and I will be talking about it here and in the next book. For more information, visit www.cseti.org, browse around and particularly check out the "Ambassador Trainings".

In mid-August 2010 was the Crisis and Opportunity Conference in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. It was put on by Brian O'Leary at the Montesuenos Center - see www.Montesuenos.org for details. It was not specifically to do with the ET presence, but I felt that it was important in ways that relate to my work, such as that a better realization of the problems we have as a species (overpopulation, dwindling resources, pollution, need for clean energy, etc.), should be encouraging us to seek help from other species that have survived these same problems.

The X Conference took place in May 2010 at the National Press Club in Washington DC. This is an annual event which works to raise awareness of the ET presence and to promote discussion of the implications and what we should be doing about it. The press conference on Monday May 10th, to which members of congress as well as the press were invited, was unfortunately pre-empted by President Obama's announcement of his Supreme Court pick. However it went well and there was some news coverage. While there, I made some great connections, notably with A.J. Gevaerd who is going to look into getting "Who The Bleep" translated into Portuguese for publication in Brazil. Exciting! A.J., who publishes and edits the "UFO" magazine in Brazil, spoke on how the Brazilian government and military have been forthcoming at the highest levels with their records of UFO sightings and activity, and presented some of the more important documented cases. It was alos interesting to hear that crop formations have been appearing in Brazilian fields. Other speakers of note were:

•Richard Dolan, who is an extremely articulate historian and has been following and documenting the ET/UFO coverup for many years.
•Linda Moulton Howe, an award-winning journalist who publishes the Earthfiles website (www.Earthfiles.com). She reported on the latest information concerning the Rendlesham forest incident in the UK.
•Peter Robbins, who talked about events in the 50's and 60's.
•Gary Heseltine, a police detective from the UK who has intensively investigated Rendlesham and other incidents. His perspective as a professional on the quality of the evidence, was very persuasive.
•Stephen Bassett, the conference organizer and host, also very persuasive and passionate about the need for disclosure.
In a new development arising from the Cosmos and Consciousness meeting in September, I have made a great connection with Gus Jaccaci, and we are looking at ways to help with the next stage of human evolution. This parallels the thrust of the new book, and is very exciting!

Problems with the Discussion Board on this site have forced me to remove it. My apologies to anyone who got confused or gave up trying to post on it. This was for security reasons, it proved to be too difficult to prevent spammers from getting in!

On the 19th September 2009 I was at the Cosmos and Consciousness Conference at Rangeley ME, where there were a great set of speakers including Rudy Schild, who wrote the foreword for "Who The Bleep Designed Us?", James O'Dea, Dr. Paul Bernstein, Dr. Ken Hamilton, and August T. Jaccaci. The event was put on by the Mindshift Institute and was hosted by Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion, Co-founders of Mindshift. For details, see www.mindshiftinstitute.org. This was a great event and I was able to connect well with the speakers, and re-connect with Rudy Schild.

September 2009: On Saturday 5th September, I presented a talk at the Exeter NH UFO festival. This was on the book subject and the ongoing work including the next book. I also participated in a book signing session. For information about this event, see www.exeterufofest.com. It was a very successful show and was well attended.

August 2009: Another interview on www.weboflight.com, this time on the subject "Why we need to let go of Roswell", in the "What a Load of Crap" series. This went well, check it out! Also, I did one on www.paranexus.org, on "Did ETs design our DNA", basically on the book subject and how the book evolved. You will find it in their Archives section. This is a great site with plenty of content on serious research not only on UFOs and ETs, but on paranormal events of all kinds.

July 2009: I did two interviews on Dr Kevin Ross Emery's web site - www.weboflight.com. He is a great teacher and character and the shows turned out very well. The first, dated July 9th, was in his "People With Passion" series, and the second, released on July 10th, was in his tongue-in-cheek "What a Load Of Crap" series, where the audience is invited to vote on whether the topic is actually a load of crap, or fertiliser for future growth, or a diamond in the rough. It was very enjoyable and I beieve that I was able to come across well. Listen and judge for yourself! On the Web Of Light site, click on the People With Passion button and/or the What A Load Of Crap button.

July 2009: I posted an article on the ParaNexus website - www.paranexus.org. Scroll down to Site Features and click on Articles, where it is in the Ufology category, or click here to see it on this site in plain text. The title is "Why we should let go of Roswell", and it argues that it is time to stop hoping that the government will confess to all those decades of coverups. We need to start concentrating on now and on the future, and to think about how we can be more proactive in our dealings with our ET visitors.



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