Who The Bleep Designed Us?

There is today a conjunction of four things: -
•       The rate of progress in biotechnology.
•       The rapid growth of knowledge in general.
•        It is clear that there are many other intelligent races in our Galaxy, mostly more advanced than us. It is now known that there are literally more than a billion planets in our galaxy alone that are capable of supporting intelligent life.
•        Our minds have much more power than we know how to use.

These lead to a couple of conclusions:

- First, that we will quite soon (a hundred years or so) be able to bio-engineer beings like ourselves, starting with lower forms of life.

- Second, there must be beings out there that already have that capability, hence we ourselves have probably been bio-engineered.
Many things call conventional evolution theory into question, and would be explained by what I am calling 'Assisted Evolution'. The book provides an interesting new slant on 'Intelligent Design', with a much more credible (and verifiable) approach. I believe that this is a legitimate alternative evolution theory which is worthy of serious discussion in academia.
The idea of Assisted Evolution is not to set aside Darwin's Theory.  But to say that, in our case at least, it probably had some help. Help not from a divine source, but from a race more advanced than us, with an agenda that led to a design for us that is a lot less than optimal.

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