Book Excerpt

Who The Bleep Designed Us?

 I have often thought that if a personal God does exist, He/She must have a really ripe sense of humor, or we would have been destroyed ages ago. This book will look at other possibilities (than the sense of humor, that is, which is still an open question). At this time, when there is a great deal of conflict in the world, and when at least three quarters of the conflicts are about differences of opinion on the nature of God – that is, religious differences - it seems very appropriate to take a fresh look at the subject. The concept of Intelligent Design is being used in the USA to justify belief in a Creator in the Biblical sense, and the debate over that and whether Creationism should be given equal weight to Evolution in the schools is regularly in the news.

I want to explore three ideas which seem to be missing from the discussion:
First, the question of whether there is/was an original Creator can be separated from the question of how a self-aware race on our particular planet developed.
Second, that the original Creator has no interest in us as individuals, and is in effect “long gone”.
Third, that we are misleading ourselves by thinking of the Creator as a person, rather than a force with which we can align ourselves with (or not).

Many distinguished and learned people both within and outside of the organized religions spend large portions of their professional lives thinking (and pronouncing on) how they see the Universe. The problem with almost all of them is that they have views of the Universe that are in their different ways very limited. The religious types come to us with an agenda, with irreconcilable contradictions, requirements to blindly believe, and cop-outs like “It is not for us to know the will of (pick your favorite deity)”, and the idea that facts and evidence somehow sully the purity of faith for its own sake. The non-religious ones are so contemptuous of religion and so hooked into science for its own sake, that they will not look at things like psychic experiences, telepathy, psycho-kinesis, and UFO experiences with the type of enquiring mind that says to itself “OK, this is not explicable with the science that we now have, but suppose there are sciences that we just do not understand yet.

Lets investigate! I for one was taught that when the facts make no sense, that I should go back and question my assumptions. This flexibility and humility seem to me to be missing in most of the physics and cosmology of today.

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