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 This thought-provoking book, now in its Second Edition, presents new thinking about our origins, integrating the latest discoveries in physics, bio-engineering, evolutionary theory, cosmology, and mind research. It blends them into a persuasive case for extra-terrestrial involvement in the design of human DNA.

The Second Edition incorporates new information that has come to us about our Milky Way galaxy, both from NASA and from researchers like David Wilcock and Corey Goode. This information confirms and amplifies the book's premises.

The book's reasoning is built on the conjunction today of four things: -

•  The rate of progress in biotechnology.
•  The rapid growth of knowledge in general.
•  The evidence shows that there are many other intelligent races in our Galaxy, mostly more advanced than us. This evidence is even more compelling today than when this book was written in 2006, and this is emphasized in the Second Edition.
•  Our minds have much more power than we know how to use.

These lead to the conclusion that we will quite soon (a few hundred years at most) be able to bio-engineer beings like ourselves, starting with lower forms of life. There are undoubtedly beings out there that already have that capability, hence the likelihood that we ourselves have been bio-engineered.
The author points out that many things call conventional evolution theory into question, and that our origins would be better explained by a new idea called “Assisted Evolution”, with the assistance being provided by ETs. The book thus provides an interesting new slant on “Intelligent Design”, with a much more credible (and verifiable) approach.

The idea of Assisted Evolution is not to set aside Darwin's Theory, but to propose that in our case at least, it probably had some help. Help not from a divine source, but from a race much more advanced than us, with an agenda that led to a design for us that is a lot less than optimal.